Announcement of Richcore Life Sciences

Richcore LifeSciences has optimized and produced two key enzymes for COVID-19 RT-PCR test kits for scaled up manufacturing

In a true public-private partnership model, Richcore ( with help of scientists from IISER Chandigarh/Pune and IISC, has optimised and produced two key enzymes, “Taq Polymerase” and “Reverse Transcriptase” needed for RT PCR test kits. These enzymes are currently not produced at scale in India and require cGMP certification: these enzymes form a key bottleneck in India’s efforts to mass produce indigenous test kits.

“We are currently providing enzyme samples to test kit manufacturers to confirm the stability and consistency of our enzymes. Once approved, we will be able to mass produce cGMP certified enzymes for millions of test kits in few weeks’ time” said Mr. R. Subramani, Chairman and Managing Director, Richcore.

“I am pleased to see Richcore respond so rapidly to develop these key components for rt-PCR tests, which is reflection on their expertise. I am confident that we will have 100% Made in India Covid19 kits in the imminent future.” Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chair, Governing Council, NBRIC said

C-CAMP CEO and Director, Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, also Convener of the NBRIC Governing Council, said “As India fights the Covid19 pandemic, we need key enzymes and reagents in large-scale to address the urgent need of testing kits across India. This recent development from Richcore further strengthens our efforts and takes us towards more self-reliant ecosystem during these difficult times. NBRIC will work with all stakeholders and bring more development to the fore, with an aim of a joint fight against Covid19 pandemic.”

Constituted by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and hosted, led by C-CAMP, NBRIC is a collaborative Public Private Partnership to drive indigenous innovation focused on developing reagents, diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics for COVID19 and beyond.

Richcore Lifesciences, is a well-established name in novel ‘Non Animal Origin’ (NAO) recombinant proteins including media components, reagents, excipients and drug products that enhance safety, consistency, traceability and competitiveness for Vaccines & Biological Drugs, Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, Cultured Meat and Bio-Manufacturing industries. Importantly, their manufacturing platform has already been upgraded to cGMP capabilities.