Announcement about DNA Xperts

DNAXperts has received ICMR approval with their indigenous, fast and af-fordable RT-PCR diagnostic kit for COVID-19

COVIDO-19, an indigenously developed fast RT-PCR kit for Cov-2 RNA detection is functionalized with special Taqman probes for added sensitivity and specificity. The kit is also compatible with all standard RT-PCR machines. Its proprietary buffer can sup-port swab samples directly without RNA extraction, considerably cutting down testing times to less than an hour. The aim was to be more sensitive than standard RT-PCR kit for an accurate and confirmatory diagnosis but in a fraction of the current testing times. The kit has been approved by ICMR this week.

“The ICMR approval has come in the nick of time when number of cases in India are skyrocketing and our dependence on imported kits is growing by the day. With the current capacity, DNA Xperts can manufacture over 8,000 kits everyday and going forward can scale up to 100,000 kits a day. We are also pegging costs at around 1000 INR or less.” said Dr Ashwani Kumar, CEO and Founder, DNAXperts.

Constituted by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and hosted, led by C-CAMP, NBRIC is a collaborative Public Private Partnership to drive indigenous inno-vation focused on developing reagents, diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics for CO-VID19 and beyond.